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Thunderpaws Mega Bundle – Winners So Far

By February 23, 2018March 31st, 2018Community Events

We will be updating this page periodically, make sure you entered the right email address for the contest to ensure you actually get informed if you won!

Any invalid email addresses might just make you ineligible for your prize. We send every winner a separate email to inform them that they’ve won and the winners have 7 days to respond to our emails and claim their prizes. Once the time have lapse, we will draw a new winner.


  1. Lauri Morgan
  2. Jennifer Brown Dauzat
  3. Becky Harper Longshore
  4. Jessica Staley
  5. David Tucker
  6. Cindy Vincent
  7. Christine Weary
  8. Valerie Schlicht
  9. Michael Girou
  10. Calen Treat
  11. Celeste Herrin
  12. Kelsey Vinson
  13. Linda Smithmyer
  14. Donna Porter
  15. Debbie Beermudez
  16. Norma Searls
  17. Tammy Horn
  18. Leanne Mercier
  19. Lois Telford
  20. Eva Daniell
  21. Robin Estes
  22. Anita Leibert
  23. Karen Propes
  24. Angela Banner
  25. Kimberly Newell
  26. Kris Mihalov
  27. Melinda Minco
  28. Kate Daly
  29. Julie Singer
  30. Maria Liggio

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