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25 Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Dog

By October 25, 2017General

1. Doggie Minion

? #halloweenie #ween #minion #minionween #weenion #miniondog #miniondoxie

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2. Devil’s Pet

3. The Ghostly Dog

It's Macy the ghost!

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4. Dognald Trump

5. Bumble Paw

6. Tootsie Dog

7. Dumbonian

Guess who's Dumbo???? #pomeranian #pom #pomlife #halloween #petcostume #dumbo

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8. Hot Beverage?

9. Ewok

10. The Hot Dog Hotdog

11. Minions Overload

12. “Tails” of Mother Goose

13. Foxy Apso

14. Furry Pirate

15. Frog Dog

16. Hipster Hound

17. Triceratops

18. Super Dog

19. Bewitching Fur

20. Merpaw

21. Harry Pawter

22. Sweet Pumpkin

23. Count Drac

Day 20 ? Count Derpula ? I am Derpula. I bid you welcome to my humble abode in Derpsylvania ? I must say that since awakening from my daytime nap, my treat-lust is unquenchable ? I really vant to eat your treats! Only a garlicy steak right in the mouth could stop me now ? But don’t worry, my bite is worse than my bark ? #fangsyouverymuch #painintheneck #beingavampiresucks #fatbat . . My mom shares her birthday with Bela Lugosi so this is my birthday gift to both of them! Is that totally batty? ?? . . ✨Contest Info✨ I want to invite all of my furiends to play along in my annual #derpoween #contest in honour of my favorite holiday! All you have to do is follow your favourite derpy-in-disguise (me!) and share one of your creative costumes using the tag #derpoween anytime in October for a chance to win some pawesome prizes! . Can't wait to see you all dressed up at my super awesome month long #halloweenpawty! Happy Derpoween! ? . #halloween #derp #bulldog #shihtzu #bullshiht #dogsofinstagram #mtldogs #halloweendogs #dogsincostumes #dracula #vampire

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24. Scorpion

25. Happy Meal




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